Infinite Laundry Staffing Program

Our Competitive Advantage

Our new recruitment service provides assistance in recruiting new potential employees specifically for commercial laundry service companies. We will find and connect you with quality potential candidates to help you quickly and effectively fill open positions. The program works by connecting you to candidates with specific criteria that we know will allow them to succeed within the specific position you are looking to fill. The candidates will apply directly through your website.

icon-monitor2 Cut Costs: You’ll reduce your recruiting cost by utilizing inbound marketing, delivering applicants directly to you instead of hiring a full-time head hunter to search for you.

icon-monitor1 Quicker: It is significantly faster to utilize our marketing program. We will have you up and running quickly so you can fill positions with quality candidates fast.

icon-monitor6 Quality Candidates: We ensure that the candidates that we find for you are high quality. They will match your business requirements.

icon-monitor3 Less Stress: Take the stress out of finding an employee. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Contact Infinite Laundry to get started today. We provide a quick and easy way to find potential new hires for your business, stress-free. Give us a call at 888-557-0262 today and our local representatives will gladly assist you in setting up the service, as well as answering any initial questions that you may have.

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