What We've Been Up To

Shifting Content to Stay Current

With Google’s recent search algorithm updates, we’re optimizing the way we’re creating client content to ensure that it’s aligned with the latest standards and best practices.

Infinite Laundry Tours Gold Coast Linen

Infinite Laundry visited Gold Coast Linen and got an in-depth look into laundry operations.

Check Out Our Updated Laundry Compliance Website

Our updated Laundry Compliance website is a one-stop-shop for all the information and resources you need to ensure your laundry service is compliant.

Meet Infinite Laundry’s Newest Team Members

Get to know our new SEO director Jess and our new social media coordinator Kerry!

Recruiting Ramps Up

Infinite Laundry’s new recruiting program is taking off, helping commercial laundries across the country fill key positions.

Q1 Reports are Here

We created detailed metric reports for our clients to show how they’ve grown over the first few months of 2019.

Jeff Wile Drops Some Knowledge

Infinite Laundry President Jeff Wile shared valuable industry tips and insights during his presentation at the CSCNetwork convention.

Infinite Laundry at CSC

We had a great time at the CSCNetwork’s 2019 convention connecting with clients and making new friends! Thank you to everyone who made the week awesome.

Engage with Rich Media

We’re developing new ads that include video, audio and other advanced elements to help grab viewers’ attention and pull them to your site.

Meet Matt

Matt Smith, our newest team member, is using his years of industry knowledge to help commercial laundries just like yours fill positions with experienced and dedicated candidates.

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